Adventures on Deck.

“I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.”

Packing again… This time for a holiday! Flying to Los Angeles tomorrow with my sister Kyra to visit DisneyLand!!
So excited! While there we are going to visit a passenger I met, Pam, in San Diego and we will spend a day in San Francisco. It’s going to be a full on 11 days in the states… Bring it on!!

I got on the plane, and sat down next to a three year old and her mother, thinking this was going to be tedious, turns out that beautiful little girl is the best behaved three year old I have ever meet, sitting next to them was a delight! I don’t usually sleep on planes, so two glasses of wine defiantly helped, I maybe got about six hours sleep total which is more then I ever get on a plane, I didn’t even watch a whole movie. The flight went very fast! On arrival to Auckland, New Zealand, once though customs and retrieving my luggage I missed my connecting flight, but was quickly put onto the next one with was only a half hour wait.
My sister Kyra picked me up, and I popped into church to surprise mum and dad who I had told I was arriving in the afternoon, not early morning. I walked in and sat behind them at the end of the service, I said something and mum turned to looked at me and had to do a double-take! Have spent all of today sitting on the floor of the lounge in the sun chatting with family members as they come and go, full family dinner tonight, let the chaos begin!


Home sweet home! 

Ciao Star Princess… 
Ciao my love..

I spent the day with my cousins, I was shown some of the hot spots around San Fran and ended the day on the Golden Gate Bridge just before 5pm where we watched the Star Princess make her way under and back up to Alaska. From the centre of the bridge it was quite magical watching the ship sail under, and from where I stood I could see Fiore on the bow of the ship, doubt he could see me but im glad I could see him before heading off to the airport to fly 12hours home. 

I signed off on the morning of the 8th August, concluding about 5 and a half months onboard the Star Princess. Its had its ups and downs, I have met so many wonderful people and the odd person that I hope to never cross paths with again, but that is just how it goes. Time split between Hawaii and Alaska has been very enjoyable. Four roommates, two cabins and maybe a total of seven days off in total all contract. Some wonderful cruises and others you wish you could have blinked and it was over, this contract has been an adventure and a half.

But has ended on a high, an enchanting last month although I leave this ship saying goodbye ‘see you soon’ to the love of my life.

 Signed off in San Fran, did immigration, was handed a shitty appraisal – which was completely unfair – said my goodbyes and disembarked. Thankfully Fiore had time off and joined my cousins (who live locally) and I for lunch on the pier, which followed the hardest goodbye I have ever said in my life. Luckily my Los Angeles trip falls when the ship is back in San Fran so I will be back for a day visit with my sister, in 22 days… and counting! 

Two days at sea, two days until its time to go home… Packed and ready to go, but if my medical didn’t expire in three days, and I didn’t have plans to DisneyLand I would comfortably stay two more months to be with Fiore, but sadly I do have to go. Two very heavy packed bags… It won’t be goodbye, its I’ll see you soon! 

Ketchikan hit the trifecta for three stunningly hot port days, but only saw a glimpse of it as I headed to the shop for a training which didn’t happen. So was a nice chilled say with Fiore onboard. Four days to go, I can’t wait to see my family, see how everyone is and catch up with my friends, and go to DisneyLand in two weeks, but honestly if I could stay I would in a heartbeat.

One day at sea then a full day in Victoria, this has never happened… We actually stayed there docked overnight night but all aboard was midnight. Fiore had a meeting in the morning but once that was done Angie, Fiore and I headed into the downtown, was a beautiful day, so a walking into town did me just fine. We all shopped around a little, I added another bow to my collection J such a beautiful warm day, we got ice cream and sat on the lawn of the Empress Hotel listening to music and just chilled till the evening when we joined few others for dinner and drinks.
A stunning evening resulted in walking back to the ship; this concluded my last port visit for my contract, was the perfected relaxed day spent in wonderful company. 

Glacier bay was another stunning day and possibly the best out of all our visits, it was a delayed arrival as we had a medical emergency really early, I dreamt the first announcement, but woke for the Captain telling us we were delayed as we had to disembark this passenger I think at the rangers station or somewhere near. So our visit into the bay was in the late morning, it was freezing in the shade and extremely warm out in the sun, and the water was beautiful, the Margery Glacier looked stunning, first time I had seen it. The afternoon was spent listing to music, drinking coffee and chatting in the cabin with Angie and Fiore until we started work at 2pm.

Skagway was another hot hot day, went out with Fiore and Angie (my roomie), wondered into town, and showed Angie the main road, so we showed her the whole town. Had lunch ashore at the Pizza Station, caught a few others there, then came back onboard, seeing as I am IPM in Ketchikan this voyage, that may have been my last time in Alaska, possibly ever. I spent my night off packing, I have been mentally packing for few weeks now and slightly stressing, I came with two full suitcases and I defiantly have brought my fair share, turns out I can fit almost everything into one case, how I don’t know!

Juneau was a really nice hot day, Fiore and I spent the whole day together which was really lovely. Went ashore and went shopping, which was brief, but while waiting for  the shuttle back to town we sat in the sun with our coffee chatting away which was the highlight of my day, endless conversation, just him and I. The afternoon was spent back in the port area, popped into a few jewellery stores looking for a Pandora charm to sum up my contract, ended up with a merry-go-round, which to me links Hawaii to San Francisco and San Fran to Alaska, so far I have a charm for each contract, A gift box for my first contract, a hot-air-balloon for the world cruise and now this one. Fiore also brought me a charm, a passport; this represents the beginning of our story, linking back to how we first met. 

okay… here we go, my last voyage on the Star

I swapped with Peipei and did disembarkation again, it’s an earlier start, which I may or may not have slept through – ah well, was a great night’s sleep! Disembarks took little over two hours so I was done by half 10, and headed ashore an hour later. Had a few little things to do, swap a gift, buy a gift and just be ashore!
Turnaround night started much better than last cruise, I made a sale on the first night, that’s usually a sign of a good cruise, much needed after such a miserable total in my store last voyage. But now day three into the cruise and I am half was through my target already so I’ll be leaving with a bang! 

No Skagway this voyage, we visited somewhere new, Icy Straight Point, Hoona. A little island north of Juneau, I went ashore for about an hour, ran into Michelle and grabbed lunch, it’s a little settlement on the beach, was a tender-port, it was a nice place but too small for almost three thousand people to visit at once. 

Juneau I was IMP, I spent the whole day onboard with Fiore, was a wonderful chilled out day. Juneau evening was both our night off, so we had a date night, got all dressed up and went for a drink and had dinner at one of the speciality restaurants  – It was an enchanting evening, possibly my favourite day my whole contract. 

Two extremely quiet days at sea brought us to Ketchikan, where I put my music in my ears and just walked and walked, I checked out Creek St, the famous old town street, had a good vibe to it, but wasn’t as wonderful as I had expected. I ended up taking the funicular up the top of the hill which Creek St banks, to the lodge up top and enjoyed a coffee. Walked down the hill to meet Anne and Michelle for the afternoon Artic bar catch up.