Adventures on Deck.

This cruise was the first cruise since I arrived where we had no form of stockwork or audits, so I got to enjoy my whole entire port time!!


Ketchikan I took a four hour passenger boat tour into the Mysty Fjords, which was stunning and beautiful, the photos really say it all, but it was a wonderful trip. The trip out was a little cold but the sightseeing was neat, and on arrival the fjords are stunning and the sun came out!


Had enough time after to join Anne - She’s one of the jewellery reps in my store – for a beer at the Artic bar – Home of the happy bears – yip there are bears everywhere, and I bet you can guess why they are happy….


Thing are pretty good here, I am really enjoying Alaska, even if it just turns out to be a day around town. My shop onboard has been pretty busy, been making some good sales, and having a rep in the store means an extra person to talk with when it’s quiet. I have a new jewellery specialist, Andre; he has been here two cruises now. Very knowledgeable, which works to my advantage.  Pei Pei is the other jewellery in the store, she replaced Kate few cruises back, lovely, but first contract with no experience and her English is pretty poor, I trained her in everything she knows so she has learnt from the best :P I do get a little frustrated sometimes but I try not to get worked out over it, I started new once too.

My manager has chilled out! Thankfully, he is the reason my contract started out so negative and stressful. But all is well now and actually at the end of this cruise he is being tran-shipped which is about to make a boat load of people very happy (pun fully intended).

Socially the ship is getting better, we are in green level, we are a healthy ship currently so all crew activities are back on and running – it’s the first time we have made it back down to green level since the second to last Hawaii cruise, we have lingered in and out of yellow and red level, so it has been pretty miserable, I kinda keep a little cooped up in my cabin for a wee bit but have been out each night lately, have a good social group in the crew bar.
The Wardroom became pretty average as of late so the crew bar is where I spend most evening.

Living with Michelle is still awesome, very fortunate to have such a wonderful roomie, we say we are flatting rather than in a cabin cause it fells very homely in here J

Since we have been out of red level we can use passenger areas again. So have been watching shows in my evenings where we have been finishing early, enjoying the bands in the wheelhouse bar and visiting the skywalker nightclub here and there, get all dressed up and have a night out. We are lucky here as we can get dressed up in our own clothing and go out in passenger areas – nicely dressed up obviously.

We have had a few crew parties, beach night and band night, we had wii dance up for anyone to have a go at few nights ago which was good fun.

I have just battled off a pretty nasty cold as of the last few days, had a signed off day so sleep a wonderful 16 hours! Was great! I swear this ship hates me, I have a bigger medical file here then my doctor at home does for my whole being!

I have two cruises left after this one and then ill be flying back home, which I am really looking forward to a week of downtime before I fly right back over to LA! Bring on DisneyLand 

Juneau we had stock work, managed to have about three hours off but was tender port so there goes any time I could have used. And Skagway was just a day spent wondering with Deon, (photos below) taking photos and really just wondering, until I meet up with Michelle, and all the casino boys (easiest description seeing as I think four of them are called Alex, I’ve lost count) and joined them for a bbq by the lake close to the ship, was relaxing and nice!

Victoria I did a little shopping with Michelle and we chilled in a cafe most of the afternoon so not much to share there either….

That concludes that cruise… really nothing exciting that voyage.


Ketchikan this week I went Zipling, which as always is good fun. I have done it Costa Rica but can’t resist doing it again. Was a passenger tour, took us out 30mins from the port into the forest, where they had seven zips set up, it was so nice being out in the fresh air! Was a little cold but so fresh lush and green that was most of what made the day. The zips where fun and it all ended with a massive slide which you sit in a sack and my do you pick up speed, good fun!

Skagway doesn’t have a lot to offer in the town, you have to head out and do a tour which I am yet to do, so for now it just consist of a lot of walking around and wondering and eating! Michelle, Deon and I went out for lunch to the local brewery restaurant, nice local beer on tap and wonderful meal. The rest of our day was spent souvenir shopping… We docked beside a Disney ship which was pretty cool, first time I’ve seen on that wasn’t on the travel channel.

We visited Tracey Arm this voyage rather than glacier bay, we started work normal time so I didn’t get to see it, I had my TV on the webcam channel was I was getting ready, saw lots of icebergs but otherwise not much else, next time I need to get up earlier.

Victoria we visit so we can officially leave the states for the ‘jones act’ which allows our stores on board to be tax and duty free, was a short stay this week, arriving at 7am and sailing at 1pm, so was a sleep in day.
An hour after setting sail we had a medical emergency which ended with us lowering the passenger in a tender and being taken ashore, then our ship sailed backwards to catch up with the tenders return. Finger crossed the passenger is all well now.

One day back to San Francisco then we will start it all over and I rest my count down… Six Alaska cruises to go.

View from the top!

Next port brought us back into Juneau, after a wonder around with Deon deciding what to do, we ended up taking the cable car up the top of Mt Roberts, beautiful view! Mt Roberts towers over the city of Juneau, from up top we could clearly see mountains in the distance, all four cruise ships in the harbour -3/4 princess ships. There is a short 15min walk around the top, and if one wishes they can head up three miles to the top. We did the short walk but it still took much longer, stopping to take photos and take in the view, we spent almost two hours up top, there are a few shops, an information centre, restaurant and café.  Late afternoon we headed back for dinner at the hanger, same place as last cruise, we were a little indecisive of where to go. 

This cruise I managed to get on one passenger tour, in Ketchikan I took a passenger tour on a 15 boat ride to one of the most northern Ketchikan islands to a lodge/hotel, this hotel used to be a floating hotel, until few years back they dragged it ashore due to the upkeep! But still, in a beautiful place! We took a little walk around the back through a forest and there I saw a squirrel for the first time!!! So cute!!!!! Of course all the American passengers with me laughed a little as I got a bit excited – for them they see them in their yards every day!
The walk was followed but a hot seafood boil! And my my was it good! Im not usually that big on seafood but since I’ve been at sea I have been trying to expand my horizons and so far its turned out alright, this seafood boil was a mix of shellfish boiled together with potatoes and garlic, then thrown down on the table and you dig in! and it was go good, messy hands and fully belly!
The tour finished up with the boat ride back, with a stop at an eagles nest, located just off the shore of one of the small islands, they threw in some fish and the eagle swooped down to grab it right in front of the boat, was beautiful. 

I really like Alaska, and even the sea days heading in. the view from the ship is wonderful especially as we come through the channel just like last voyage, this cruise even after three days at sea, once we made it into the channel out of the open waters, the sea changed to flat crystal like waters, and to top it off, as the sun set this day the sunset was orange and purple and it reflected back on the water, and our sister ship the Grand came past us and it looked so beautiful and majestic, just as we must have looked to them!

Our shops are busy on the sea days, my public speaking skills have improved immensely since my last contract, only doing a few TV bumpers – pre-recorded adds – but it gets my face out there. But doing many many seminars/presentations I don’t even care anymore, get me a big group of people to talk to and I’m away! I’ll admit, I do like the attention a little!!

Glacier Ice Calving. Video by yours truly :)

Glacier Bay, Scenic Cruising.. 

Skagway! Super hot day!

Juneau, Alaska. Just around town