Adventures on Deck.

This and that!!! Shoppies!

This and that!!! Shoppies!

Medics party!!!

Skywalkers night club and dining out!

This photo I took, 3am, walking down the M1, that my friends is a lady-boy! The things you see on here!

This photo I took, 3am, walking down the M1, that my friends is a lady-boy! The things you see on here!

Party party party

So far…

So this ship is a little different to the last two, could just be I had such an incredible time on the world cruise that nothing can compare, but this time it feels very different.

The hours are longer, the management is a little stressful (to say the least), the port time feels like it has to be earnt! But at least the people are awesome and the night life is good. My team in my jewellery shop is wonderful! So I’m very lucky there!

We have had an angles and Demond’s party, carnival party, black and white patty, medics party, trivia nights - which my team has won (dinner for the team at the speciality resultant), we have hosted trivia, been out for dinner with my other jewellers too!

I’m pleased to have such wonderful people from all over the world to work with! And to top it all off…. Sasha got transshiped from the diamond and is now here onboard, so Jayson, Sasha and I are all here from my first golden contract!!!!

More photos to come- they are still on my computer

Lahiana, yup still my favourite!

Lahiana I signed up for a passenger tour, and I’m pleased i did, it meant another early morning but I did go whale watching so I best not complain!

We still anchor off in Lahiana and take tenders in, so instead of going ashore to joint the watching boat they picked us up from the ship!
It was a two hour boat ride right out into Maui harbour and lots of whales were seen, even four or five fighting over a female whale. Mums and there calfs, was really nice! Hot out in the sun but very enjoyable.

We were all dropped ashore, from there I went to this quiet little cafe which not many know of, enjoyed my coffee and took it easy for the rest of the day, in prep for the next five sea days!!

Hilo, Banyon drive

Hilo, 27th march

So all work and work and work some more meant that is was about time for a day of nothing!

So Kate and I decided that was just what we could do, so we walked 15 mins from the port in Hilo to Banyon Drive, a little street with Banyon trees all along it, we lay on this little beach, music up and not a care in the world, very chilled out!

When we finally decided to peal ourselves off the grass we headed back and played around in the crew pool before getting ready for another quiet port night in the shops.

Honolulu baby down on Waikiki

Next stop Honolulu! Down on Waikiki!

Next stop Honolulu, Kate and I headed down to Waikiki to meet up with a few of our other ship staff, it was a day of sun, sand and beer! Spent the whole day on the beach under the hot Hawaiian sun! Was really relaxing! Good music, good conversation and great company!

Headed to hooters for dinner before heading back to the ship and opening the shops for a whole hour and a half! We sailed early this cruise and because it was before 10pm we had for open shops, waste of time if you ask me but ah well what’s done is done!

It was a pretty relaxed day!

Double rainbow!

Canyon hike